Our two AudioWalks take you on a journey through Jewish Chernivtsi and Chişinău and allow you to discover many of the cities’ nearly forgotten sites of Jewish life.

Use our multimedia maps, and explore the family pictures, archival material, and personal stories of 21 Jewish Holocaust survivors to get a unique insight into the rich Jewish heritage of these two European cities.

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Villa Kligman

Villa Kligman

Villa Kligman was the home of one of the most famous Jewish families from Chişinău. It was built in 1898 on behalf of the lawyer Moses Kligman.

fountain in the Stefan cel Mare Park

City park

“Young people went for walks in the town park where there was a monument of Stefan the Great. I liked going to this park to sit on a bench with a book and then I secretly watched the enamored couples.” – Polina Leibovich

Building of the former Vocational school for Jewish girls

Vocational school for Jewish girls

The school was founded in 1885 on the initiative of Bessarabian elites and played an important role for the poorest Jewish families: The training was free, the best students received fellowships, and the school organized free summer camps.

Stumbling Stone Moise Berliand

Stumbling Stone Moise Berliand

A stumbling stone, embedded in the wide sidewalk, commemorates Moise Berliand, who was deported to and murdered in Auschwitz-Birkenau.

building of the former girl's grammar school

Girls’ grammar school Regina Maria

The girl’s grammar school “Regina Maria” was founded in 1864 as a private school for girls from distinguished families in Chişinău. Among their students were Centropa interviewees Sarra Shpitalnik and Zlata Tkach.

Licurici Puppet Theatre

French high school Jeanne d’Arc

“After graduating from elementary school, I went to the French Jeanne D’Arc gymnasium. It was a private gymnasium, the most prestigious and the most expensive in town.” – Polina Leibovich